Why Donate

PublicAdCampaign is an art/activist project started in New York City in December of 2000. Initially the project concentrated on personal art activities as a way to investigate the role of outdoor advertising in the public environment and art’s ability to challenge advertising’s supremacy in public space. As the project has grown over the years, PublicAdCampaign has retained our interest in using art to create public dialogue but has also become a public advocate and organizational force in New York City. The NYSAT projects are the culmination of over a years worth of efforts on the part of PublicAdCampaign and the incredible dedication and participation of over 100 public individuals. Legal fees and the materials for whitewashing were paid for by PublicAdCampaign. Artists were asked to supply their own materials.

In order to continue to promote public participation in the creation of a positive shared public space, we will begin the Under One Hundred project in which PublicAdCampaign will fund and execute small projects under a hundred dollars. Look for our first Under One Hundred in the next month as PosterChild and I AM become our first participants. In order to provide opportunities like Under One Hundred, and execute large scale projects on the street, we rely on donations from individuals like yourself. Your support not only helps pays for materials but, allows us the time needed to bring large scale actions which help alter the fabric of our city.  If you are an educator and will be using this site as a tool in your classroom, we commend you, and respectfully ask that you donate whatever you can afford.

Please Note
Those donating $100.00 dollars or more will receive a hand screened Buff Bum T-shirt. During the second NYSAT project two participants got in a posting battle with one of the NPA employees. Back and forth they went, putting up their art only to have it removed by NPA who then put up more advertising, which they then covered again with their art. This game continued over the course of two hours and the participants finally decided to take another approach. They asked a girlfriend to pose as a tourist doing a travelogue. She approached the NPA employee and asked if she could take a picture of him in action. He obliged at which point the participants rushed off to the nearest Kinkos to print out the photo as a large black and white poster. They then returned to the same location where the battle had begun and posted the image of the NPA employee over the fresh advertisements. The NPA employee then had to come back and use his ads to post over images of himself in action. One of these posters was then brought to the rally after the NYSAT event and was signed by most of the participants. We will be silk screening black and white versions of this poster signed by the participants on high quality white T-shirts as a gift for those that donate generously. Thank you in advance.