Thursday, January 14, 2010

NPA Has No Respect For Chico, Pete, Or You For That Matter

I was looking through some old images of NPA's illegal street level billboards in NYC and realized I hadn't noticed their complete lack of respect for New York's public mural works. Like the Conor Harrington mural that they so callously covered and Dick Chicken and I then liberated, NPA seems to seek out Chico and Pete's work in order to cover it. These artists are not only NYC legends, but true community members and invested urban citizens, painting messages of hope and inclusion on the streets for all of us to enjoy.

Houston Street Between A+B North
6th Street & Avenue C SWC
Norfolk & Delancey NEC

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Conor Harrington Mural Uncovered 08-12-09

The above photos were taken today, 08-12-09. From the look of things, it would seem PublicAdCampaign and DickChicken liberated the Conor Harrington mural that had been covered by NPA City Outdoor so callously just weeks before. The mural had for a long time adorned the corner of west 13th street and Washington until recently. It was brought to my attention by Luna Park and Allan Molho that NPA had thrown up a wildposting panel (shown below) directly on top of the piece. Unable to come to grips with this injustice, I find this newly uncovered mural even more exciting than before.

West 13th and Washington as of 08-11-09

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Conor Harrington Buffed

I just received an email from two readers, Luna Park and Allan Molho. Both directed me to the below image on amolho4's Flikr page. This illegal NPA City Outdoor advertisement must have been recently put in place as it is sitting directly on top of an incredible piece by Conor Harrington. (also pictured) I am so upset about this I am not exactly sure how to respond. Not only does NPA operate over 500 illegal street level billboards in the city but they are covering the little public art we have in this city with their filth. The audaciousness and irreverence of NPA has made me angry before. Something will be done.

Image Courtesy of Sabeth718 13th street and Washington (before)

Image Courtesy of Allan Molho 13th street and Washington (after)

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