Things Ain't Right 2012_Repeated Phonebooth Installation, New York, New York. 11-01-12

Iselin 2012_Single street level billboard, Brooklyn, New York. 10-01-12

NuArt 2012_30 freestanding ads and 3 street level billboards, Stavanger, Norway. 09-01-12

OX Collaboration_3x4 meter Billboard Takeover in collaboration with OX on Boulevard du Bercy, Paris, France. 03-30-12

Frankfurt/Paris Weave_18 sidewalk poster ad takeovers in Paris and 1 large billboard in Frankfurt. Paris 8-28-11 – Frankfurt 8-25-11

AR I AD Takeover_Augmented Reality mobile application which used 5 movie advertisement posters to trigger artworks by MOMO, Ron English, Dr D, John Fekner and OX. New York, NY 8-03-11

MaSAT_106 bus shelter and freestanding advertising takeovers using 106 submitted texts. Madrid, Spain. 03-30-11

Let Me Handle This_ 14th st between 5th & 6th Avenues NYC, 14th st & 5th Avenue NYC, 14th st between 6th & 7th Avenues NYC, 14th st between 7th & 8th Avenues NYC, 16th st between 8th & 9th Avenues NYC, 15th st & 3rd Avenue NWC NYC, Arch St. & N 13th Philadelphia, Spring Garden & N17th Philadelphia, Callowhill & N15th Philadelphia, 11-04-10 to 12-04-10

ToSAT_Civil Disobedience resulting in 86 Patisson free standing pillars in Toronto Down Town area being taken over for art. Collaborative project. 08-22-10

-Weave It!_18th & 10th avenue NWC 09-25-09 NYC, 27th street and 8th avenue, NYC 01-20-10, Washington Btwn 13th & 14th St. NYC 01-20-10, Crosby & Grand street, NYC 02-03-10, Sunset and Parkman street, LA 02-12-10, 39th St & 3rd Avenue, NYC 04-05-10, Spring & Hudson SWC, NYC 04-14-10, Kenmare & Bowery NWC, NYC 05-13-2010.

-NYSAT 2 by the Municipal Landscape Control Committee_All NPA City Outdoor locations below 30th street, 120 intotal 10-25-09 NYC

-National Bestseller_44 Phonebooth locations Lower Manhattan & Brooklyn, 08-01-09 09-02-09 NYC

-NYSAT by the Municipal Landscape Control Committee_All NPA City Outdoor locations below 30th street, 120 intotal 04-25-09 NYC

-Winter Weave Popstrike_19th street and 8th avenue SEC, 02-06-09 NYC

-Winter Color_13th & 6th avenue NE Corner 01-29-09 NYC

-New Tests_(22nd street between 10th & 11th avenue NS) + (15th street & 10th avenue SEC) + (25th Street & 10th avenue NEC) 12-15-08

-A Little Blue From Me To You_24th street & 10th avenue (SWC) 11-21-08

-White On White_16th street & 7th avenue (NWC) 08-28-08

-White On White_Spring & Bowery (SWC) 09-5-08

-White On White_8th street & 1st avenue (NEC) 09-18-08

-White On White_36th street & 10th avenue (NWC) 09-25-08

-White On White_11th street & 1st avenue (NEC) 09-28-08

-White On White_1st street & 2nd avenue (SWC) 10-08-08

-White On White_Perry street & Washington street (SWC) 10-17-08

-White On White_17th street & Broadway (SWC) 10-26-08

-White On White_4th street & 1st Avenue (SEC) 11-02-08

-White On White_Spring Street & Bowery (SWC) 11-11-08

-Removal Satisfies the Condition (De-Installation for solo show)_(removal from multiple locations around the city) NYC 01-01-06 to 04-27-06

-Paper Champion(revisited)_(45 John St. North) NYC 1:00am 08-04-05

-Paper Champion_(7th Avenue + 53rd St. SEC)-(6th Avenue + 52nd St. NWC)-(6th Avenue + 52nd St. SEC)-(6th Avenue + 51st St. SWC)-(7th Avenue + 52nd St. NWC)-(50th St. between 6th + 7th Avenue North)-(7th Avenue + 52nd St. SEC)-(7th Avenue + 52nd St. SWC)-(7th Avenue + 49th St. SEC)-(Broadway + 50th St. NEC)-(52nd St. between Broadway + 6th Avenue North)-(52nd St. between Broadway + 6th Avenue South)-(5th Avenue + 53rd St. SEC)-(54th St. between 6th + 7th Avenue North)-(53rd St. between 6th + 7th Avenue South)-(52nd St. between 6th + 7th Avenue North)-(53rd St. between 5th + 6th Avenue South)-(53rd St. between 6th + 7th Avenue South)-(6th Avenue + 54th St. NWC)-(6th Avenue + 53rd St. SEC)-(52nd St. between 6th + 7th Avenue South)-(52nd St. between 6th + 7th Avenue North)-(52nd St. between 6th + 7th Avenue North)-(51st St. between 6th + 7th Avenue North)-(51st St. between 6th + 7th Avenue South)-(7th Avenue + 52nd St. NEC)-(7th Avenue + 52nd St. SWC) NYC 2:00am 03-11-05

-Fly Magazine Layout_(Parkside Lounge 317 E Houston St.)-(Sin-e 150 Attorney St.)-(Blue and Gold 79 E 7th St.)-(Bar 81 81 E 7th St.)-(The Continental 25 E 3rd St.)-(Arlene’s Grocery 95 Stanton St.) NYC 11:00pm 09-31-04

-Hollywood (the remix)_(Grand St. + Mercer St. SEC)-(Prince St. + Broadway NWC) NYC 6:00pm 06-15-04

-Panty Raid.2_(3rd Avenue + 25th St. NEC)-(3rd Avenue between 26th + 27th St. West)-(3rd Avenue + 27th St. NWC)-(3rd Avenue + 29th St. NWC)-(3rd Avenue + 30th St. NEC)-(3rd Avenue between 30th + 31st St. West) NYC 1:00am 04-08-04

-Panty Raid.1_(6th Avenue + 19th St. NEC)-(6th Avenue + 17th St. NWC)-(6th Avenue between 17th + 16th St. West)-(6th Avenue + 23rd St. SWC)-(6th Avenue between 22nd + 23rd St. West)-(6th Avenue between 23rd + 24th St. West) NYC 1:00am 02-26-04

-Shanked(ByDesign)_(37th St. + Broadway NWC)-(36th St. + 6th Avenue NEC+SEC)-(35th St. + 6th Avenue NEC)-(2x 34th St. + 6th Avenue SEC)-(33rd St. + 6th Avenue SEC)-(34th St. between 6th + 7th Avenue SEC) NYC 10:00pm 01-10-04

-Panty Raid (Nextel)_Fresh Defense_(Grand St. + Broadway NWC) NYC 2:00am 09-11-2003

-Panty Raid (Nextel)_Latest Initial_(Grand St. + Broadway NEC) NYC 2:00am 09-11-2003

-Saint Michael_(18th St. + 10th Avenue NWC)-(25th St. + 10th Avenue SWC)-(24th St. + 8th Avenue SWC)-(17th St. + 8th Avenue SWC)-(21st St. + 7th Avenue SWC) NYC 2:00am 10-18-02

-Tape Video_(18th St. station 1-9 Line) NYC 11:00pm 03-17-2002

-Young Ones_(Houston St. between Ludlow + Orchard South) NYC 2:30pm 03-16-2002

-Subway(corners)_(18th St. station 1-9 Line) NYC 2:00am 12-01-2001

-Subway(BW design)_(28th St. station 4-5-6 Line) NYC 1:00am 07-15-2001

-Subway(screw print)_(Grand St. station B-D-Q Line) NYC 2:30am 06-17-2001

-Subway(red design)_(Houston St. + 2nd Avenue station F Line) NYC 6:00pm 06-16-2001

-Subway(landscape)_(East Broadway Rutgers St. station F Line) NYC 6:00am 04-01-2001

-Subway(car 2424)_(1-9 Line) NYC 4:30am 03-24-2001

-Subway(gender)_(18th St. station 1-9 Line) NYC 5:00am 01-25-2001

-Subway(blue houses)_(18th St. station 1-9 Line) NYC 3:30am 12-01-2000