Source: You Tube by Barbara Celis

Barbara Celis writes for El Pai,s a Spanish daily paper, as well as creates documentary films like this one on the first NYSAT project. She was the first to hit the web with this video and we can’t thank her enough.

+Art -Ad For NYSAT

Source: You Tube by Unknown

Mulberry Arrest, NPA Employee Admits He Works For Contest Promotions

Source: You Tube by Paper Tiger Media

This video shows NPA arriving on the scene at Mulberry street where artists were in the process of creating work. He smears the piece with wheat paste while they are working and then apparently waits for the NYPD. While the arrests are unwarranted and the cops fail to look into our claims that the advertising was illegal in the first place, they do take the employee’s information and get him to admit that he works for Contest Promotions on camera.

NPA in Action on Lower East Side

Source: You Tube by Paper Tiger Media

In this video an NPA employee is seen posting ad content over a recently whitewashed location. This is early in the day on 10-25-09 and you can clearly hear a phone message left for me explaining that NPA had caught on and was hitting the streets, re-posting ad content. Because this was the second time we were doing the NYSAT action, once NPA saw a single location painted white they immediately knew it was a city wide. As well you can clearly see the license plate of the vehicle he is driving.

Boom Crash Video 10-25-09

Buff Bum

Source: Vimeo by Alex Itin

This video shows NPA harassing an artist on 21st street who is working on a construction shed location. Wildposting on construction sheds is positively illegal and you can see he has only painted it yellow when they stop him. All this while a jazz band plays from a balcony above. There’s some footage of the party we had afterward as well.

NYSAT2 Time Lapse (Posterchild-Sean Martindale-Teeth-I AM)

Source: Daily Motion by Posterchild
This timelapse shows PosterChild Teeth and I AM installing their work on 10-25-09.

NPA Working at Canal & Broadway

Source: You Tube Footage courtesy of Alex Cutler, © 2009

This video was not shot for either of the NYSAT projects but is a great example of NPA illegally sniping a construction site. The license plate of the vehicle used is also recorded for our records.

Conversation With NPA Employee After Mulberry Arrest 10-25-09

Source: Vimeo Courtesy of Sarah Berman

This video shows an NPA employee pasting advertisements over the entire artwork created by the two arrested at Mulberry Street on 10-25-09. It is a long video and plays out very slowly but the conversation between Sarah Berman and Mike is interesting. NPA employees continue to refer to the locations as their private property and yet refuse to acknowledge the company or people they work for.

PAC vs. NPA – Taking Over Illegal Ads With Illegal Art – NYC the Blog

Source: NYC The Blog by Mastrangelo