Why Donate

Because it costs money to question contemporary uses of our public environment. With over half the worlds population now living in cities, our public spaces are playing an ever important role in the construction of our collective social identity. Outdoor advertising, with an interest in widely disseminating commercial ideals is finding its way deeper and deeper into these environments. While it is understood that commercial messages do not share our collective interests, we still do not question its use of our shared environments. In an effort to invigorate debate about how commercial interests are using public space and raise questions about how our communities desire to use those same spaces, non-violent civil disobedience projects engage the public in a dialogue of participation.

If you would like to continue seeing projects like these used to spark debates about this highly relevant contemporary issue, promote the publics participation in this debate and generally empower the citizens of our metropolis’ to engage their shared public spaces in an effort to responsibly curate our visual environment, throw a few dollars our way. Your contribution will allow us to take this project around the world not only making it a local issue, but a global issue that will affect the use of every city we inhabit as we brave our way into the 21st century.