Cemusa Outdoor Advertising is a global outdoor advertising company with over 110,000 outdoor elements in 11 countries and 110 cities. Through massive street furniture contracts designed by internationally recognized architects and designers, Cemusa has been able to monopolize large portions of the outdoor advertising industry. Recently Cemusa was awarded a bus shelter and newsstand contract for NYC, allowing them to construct bus shelters and newsstands at their own cost in return for the right to all of the advertising revenue. This incredibly lucrative contract has been heralded as a boom for our public infrastructure by some, and an incredibly inept deal for the residents of NYC by others. The only fact is that NY residents have found an increase in commercial content on our streets.

Cemusa differentiates itself as a media company in a number of ways. From the advertiser point of view, the principal unique aspect is the company?s concentration not just in the business of Outdoor advertising but its specialization in Street Furniture as a discreet sector.

A further benefit of partnering with Cemusa, which sets us apart from the pack, is our passion for flexibility. We offer weekly posting schedules; this important innovation allows our clients to start and end campaigns on any day of the week and to change creative work and copy on a weekly basis. This is refreshing change from the traditional four-week campaign and has been welcomed by the industry.

Excellence in advertising deserves excellence in environment. Our group of world renowned architects is the envy of many in the industry. Having your advertising associated with our world-class designs adds value to your campaign that is above and beyond quantifiable media value.

Our professionalism combined with our flexibility allows us to offer a superior advertising proposition.