The White on White project took advantage of the fact that many of the NYC phone kiosks are back lit. During the day these pieces were subdued if not invisible but at night the back lighting produced a vivid pattern. Once removed, the semi-opaque plexi-glass was painted and then reinstalled. For each installation a new piece of plexi-glass was procured and the process could have continued indefinitely.

Materials: Stolen Plexi-Glass, white enamel paint

Spring Street & Bowery (SWC) 09-05-08

Spring Street & Bowery (SWC) 11-11-08

17th street & Broadway (SWC) 10-26-08

Perry street & Washington St. (SWC) 10-17-08

36th street & 10th avenue (NWC) 09-25-08

15th street & 8th avenue (NEC) 10-08-08

4th street & 1st Avenue (SEC) 11-02-08

1st street & 2nd avenue (SWC) 10-08-08

16th street & 7th avenue (NWC) 08-28-08

8th street & 1st avenue (NEC) 09-18-08

11th street & 1st avenue (NEC) 09-28-08