Under One Hundred Micro-GRant

Under One Hundred MIcro-Grant Call for Proposals:

The Under One Hundred Micro-Grant is an ongoing grant program run by PublicAdCampaign to facilitate critical public works that engage contemporary outdoor advertising issues. Unlike other grants, artists and citizens should not worry about the legality of the proposed project, but rather concentrate on effectively engaging a wide public audience while critically discussing issues surrounding outdoor advertising.

Grants are given on a rolling basis and submissions are reviewed solely on their effectiveness in creating public dialogue as well as their simplicity in production and execution. There is no deadline for submissions and affective creative projects will be funded as they are proposed. Projects will be reviewed by PublicAdCampaign and several other artists/activists familiar with unauthorized public art production. These artists will be chosen based on the proposed project.

PublicAdCampaign will supply $100 dollars in production money to the grant recipient, as well as provide access to any resources we might have which can further the proposed projects objectives. Projects cannot subsidize production costs with other funds or grant money. Proposals should focus on ideas which engage as large an audience as possible while remaining within the grant budget. A clean and easily executable idea can alter our shared environment and change the way people interact with their city streets.

Submissions should be relatively informal. Please give us a brief but articulate one page proposal outlining your ideas and your thoughts on how your project may be produced within the budget constraints. As well, resumes are welcome but they are in no way necessary. This is not an art grant and anyone can submit a proposal. This grant is about facilitating a public to public dialogue and therefore should include anyone who considers themselves a part of the public sphere.

Please send your proposal to Jordan@publicadcampaign.com with the subject heading Under One Hundred Project Proposal. Proposals will be reviewed immediately and a response should sent within two weeks of receipt. Thanks so much for you participation in advance and we look forward to all the engaging public works to come.

Past Projects:

  • Truth In Advertising